Atome Financial

Atome Financial is a leading fintech company providing "buy now, pay later" and digital finance services.

Atome Financial

Create a better life for consumers through greater financial access and technology.

Founded in 2017, Atome Financial is a leading fintech company whose mission is to create a better life for consumers through greater financial access and technology. Our consumer business provides "buy now, pay later" (Atome) and digital lending services (Kredit Pintar, ND Finance) and has helped over 20 million consumers gain access to credit throughout Southeast Asia, India and China.

ND Finance is our flagship micro-lending brand in China and it is licensed by the Chongqing Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau. At present, ND Finance works with over 28 financial institutions and has established strategic partnerships with popular e-commerce platforms in China such as Jumei Youpin and Keqi. ND Finance has disbursed over USD$550M+ in loans.
Staying true to its vision to “Advance with intelligence for a better life,” ND Finance is committed to promoting global financial inclusion. ND Finance prides itself on supporting the e-commerce and digital payments industry with its micro-lending product.
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  • Wang Qian
    Business Manager of Baidu Financial
    "Thanks to ND Finance and ND Finance team, we have completed the docking of the traffic channel within 14 days. It’s the first time that we have collaborated with such a professional and efficient team. We believe that we can definitely achieve rapid revenue growth through our collaborations in the future."
  • Tianmeidai
    iOS Customer
    "I have borrowed several times with Tianmeidai and the money will be immediately disbursed! My credit limit is currently up to 15,000 RMB and the interest is within the appropriate range. It is reliable when you need to borrow some money urgently. I was once overdue by accident and their customer service staff gently reminded me to repay it. So the customer experience has been great for me!"
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