Atome Financial

Atome Financial is a leading fintech company providing "buy now, pay later" and digital finance services.

Atome Financial

Create a better life for consumers through greater financial access and technology.

Founded in 2017, Atome Financial is a leading fintech company whose mission is to create a better life for consumers through greater financial access and technology. Our consumer business provides "buy now, pay later" (Atome) and digital lending services (Kredit Pintar, ND Finance) and has helped over 20 million consumers gain access to credit throughout Southeast Asia, India and China.

Kredit Pintar and ND Finance are our flagship brands on the digital lending side. PT Kredit Pintar Indonesia is a fintech (financial technology) company that has a vision to improve the lives of Indonesians by providing easy access to short-term loans. With leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, we want to work with the community to improve Indonesia's welfare. It is one of Indonesia's most popular financial services app with over 23.4 million downloads, 2.05 million reviews and a 4.0-star rating. Kredit Pintar has disbursed over USD$ 1.8 billion in loans.
18/1/2022 Kredit Pintar was awarded as The Best Cash Loan Fintech in the Dunia Fintech Awards 2021 conducted by, a news portal that focus in covering finance and tech, and any other related news in depth. This award is one of 10 awards given to companies specialize in the fintech industry.
On February 10th,2022, Standard Chartered and Kredit Pintar Indonesia launched a digital partnership in form of digital consumer loans with a total limit of up to USD 70 million.
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    Kredit Pintar distributes face masks, hand sanitizers, etc. to keep the community safe.
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Key Partners
  • Mrs. Meidina
    "The loan process is fast and not at all complicated. Only ID card & no collateral too! But you have to be disciplined about the payment of instalments. Always pay before due date and confirm if you will be late to pay. The best!"
  • Arie Febian
    "Thank you Kredit Pintar, starting from the download and registration process fast, only ID card and without collateral, the money will be immediately disbursed! Kredit Pintar is a trusted online loan application, anyway!"
  • Dwi Dara Adelia
    "The best and most trusted application. I wasn't sure at first, but after I found out that it was registered with the OJK, I immediately applied for a cash loan. Even though it was only the smallest try, it was only a few hours approved and the rupiah was immediately disbursed when receiving the approval SMS. Don't regret downloading Kredit Pintar."
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