maximize business efficiency and create personalized experiences for customers in multi-channel online and offline sales
Ginee is an e-commerce merchant services technology platform in the Asia-Pacific region. We are a key player in building the infrastructure of the global Industrial Internet of Things, provide comprehensive SaaS software products and concrete digital solutions for e-commerce, retail, brand and enterprise customers.
Ginee-SaaS ERP and WMS is a software solution that offers visibility into a business' omnichannel order, warehousing, supply chain and distribution collaborative management solutions for retailers, distributors and brands in Southeast Asia.
Ginee-Ads is committed to provide 360 degree advertising and precision marketing solutions based on big data and AI technology for Southeast Asian brands and corporate clients.
Ginee-Juling is building a B2B aggregation platform for China's cross-border merchants and enterprise customers, providing services such as product selection, product scraping and publishing, market data analysis, supply chain finance, local warehouse, distribution, and local operations in Southeast Asia.
As service provider Ginee organize merchant with more than $3 b+ GMV and currently Ginee had process 420m+ Orders and keep 170,000+ active merchants.

Make products, services and opportunities accessible and affordable to everyone and every business.

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    “I have compared other platforms. Actually, Ginee is quite new but I love the service. Most of our company’s needs are served by Ginee. Other companies can’t give us the solutions we need. We look forward to a long partnership as well as introducing Ginee as the SaaS provider to our Kompas Group business line.”
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    TMRW by UOB
    “TMRW by UOB is very excited to collaborate with Ginee Ads for paid media marketing to generate more in app conversions by utilizing Ginee Ads' ecommerce touch points. Up to this point, we feel Ginee Ads have provided promising audience selections which drive good results since our project launched. We're looking forward to deepening our collaboration with Ginee team ahead”
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